Application Process

The application process is complete when the committee has the following forms:

  1. Registration of Interest form from Applicant
  2. Rotary Club’s Candidate endorsement form
  3. Participant enrolment form filled out the Candidate

Registration of Interest

  • Applicant registers their interest in the programme using the online form.
  • An email is automatically sent to their chosen Rotary Club with the completed registration of interest form attached, the Applicant will be cc'd into this email

Rotary Interviews and Endorsement

Rotary Club conducts an interview and either rejects the application or submits a candidate endorsement to the RYLA organising committee.


RYLA organising committee will contact the candidate with acceptance letter.


Candidate secures their place on the programme by completing the RYLA enrolment form and agreeing to the terms of acceptance. The enrolment form will be sent out with your acceptance.



A registration of interest to attend RYLA that has been received by a Rotary Club


The Rotary Club has undertaken an interview and have put forward the person's name to attend RYLA the organising committee for selection

Rotary Club Candidate Endorsement

Rotary Club endorsement and Club contact person details


Acceptance letter has been sent by the Organising committee to the Candidate advising that the person has a spot on the programme

Host Club

The Rotary Club responsible for organising the District RYLA