Promoting RYLA

Promoting RYLA

RYLA is a flagship Rotary programme and its success is dependent on Rotary Clubs finding high quality applicants.

We suggest you:

  • Invite the RYLA Chair or member of the RYLA Organising Committee to speak at your Rotary Club

  • Provide information about how an applicant can register their interest for the programme. Many Rotarians know outstanding young people within the community that may make suitable applicants

  • Send a letter to business contacts within your area asking them to identify young leaders within their business or organisation. Ask them to apply!

  • Contact past participants who have attended RYLA in previous years to promote RYLA among the current young leaders. Provide them with the application process details to pass on to their friends and acquaintances (Please note the process is different from previous years)

  • Promote RYLA through:

    • the local media

    • club website

    • social media (club or individual members or members’ businesses)

    • universities

    • local organisations such as Scouts NZ, GirlGuidingNZ, Toastmasters, sports, cultural

    • local businesses and work colleagues

    • family members, friends and social contacts

The RYLA Organising Committee has put together a number of resources that Rotary Clubs can use for promotion. Promotional photos can be accessed and downloaded by anyone with the following link

The committee is very proud of the programme we have put together. In order for the participant to get the most out of the RYLA experience it is important that they are not made aware of the upcoming challenges or events. Much of the learning comes from being put in unfamiliar situations. Some applicants might have already been told about the programme from family members or friends who have completed the programme and this is out of our control, however, we would like to keep as many surprises as possible. So please while promoting RYLA, do not talk about specific details you may have heard about the programme.

Partnerships with business and other organisations

If your club is finding it hard to find an applicant, how about using your Rotary connections and seeing if there is a business who has an employee that would benefit from the programme.

They might be willing to help contribute to some/all of the cost of their employee attending the programme.

The RYLA Organising Committee will only accept payment by a Rotary Club so if there is corporate assisted sponsorship it will have to go through your club.