Terms of Acceptance

Terms of Acceptance

By accepting a spot on to the programme the Candidate/Participant will agree to the following terms:

I confirm that:

  • I am enrolling for a Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) and I will participate fully in the programme

  • All information given is true and correct

  • I will be available to attend for the duration of the entire programme from 26 - 30 January 2022

  • I will follow the instructions of the RYLA Organising Committee including health and safety requirements.

  • In the event of my failure to do so in a reasonable manner I may be returned to my home at the first available opportunity at my own expense.

  • I understand the Rotary Club has invested in my attendance and my leadership development and that the club has committed to paying for me. If I withdraw without significant warning (ie not able to find a replacement) or do not complete the programme the club may choose to recover costs.

  • I agree that any photographs taken of me during RYLA may be used for the purposes of promoting RYLA

  • I agree to my name, contact details and photograph being used on a list of participants for RYLA follow up and administration purposes