During RYLA/Rotary BBQ

Transport to and from the venue

Please contact your participant 1-2 weeks before the beginning of the programme to ensure they have transport to and from the venue, or ensure they know where to go if they are driving themselves.  It is recommended that you arrange transport if they are not able to make their own way there. You might be able to carpool with other clubs in your area.

Participants leaving the programme unexpectedly

The RYLA Organising Committee may be in contact if participant is asked or has asked to leave the programme.  Reason for this can vary from bad or inappropriate behaviour to the participant having a family or other emergency.     Please notify the committee if this contact differs from the one provided in the endorsement. 

BBQ Dinner

Rotarians are welcome to visit RYLA and to observe your participants in action.

A BBQ will be held at RYLA on the Friday from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. Rotary club members are invited to attend and to meet with their sponsored RYLA participant and participate in the programme.

Please contact admin@ryla9940.co.nz if you have any other questions.

There will be a $25 cost per person to cover the meal